Portfolios of participants in the TESOL Certificate Course:
Multiliteracies for Collaborative Learning Environments

September 10-October 7, 2007

The chart is from the North Central Regional Education Laboratory website enGaugeĀ® 21st Century Skills: Literacy in the Digital Age 2003.

The purpose of this wiki is to get members of this course to take responsibility themselves for posting their introductions, photos, and anything else they want to share about themselves with other members of the group.

If you are going for a certificate from TESOL here, your portfolio on your page should include
  • Your personal introduction started on your page
  • Links to your blog with postings tagged pp107tesol, and other artifacts produced for this course
  • A thoughtful critique of at least TWO resources encountered in this course (please check other participants' pages so that you critique items not selected by others in this course

The great thing about wikis is that they are excellent spaces to get people collaborating on a project.
You can tag the pages (see the tags given at the bottom of each page).
Of course you can tag them in http://del.icio.us.
Not much effort is required for collaborators to add content here.
And the content is on the web, available to other project members, and to the world at large.
This wiki allows space members to write here, but wikis can be private (no one but the owner writes here)
Or totally public, anyone can write here.

In case of error or vandalism, wikis can be returned to previous states, and you can compare one version with another, so you can easily find which version you need to return to. If your work requires that you track creation process, you can also see exactly what project members (e.g. students) have done here, when (started night before the assignment was due?), and how much (complete revision history).