Meet Vance Stevens

Vance with son Dusty at the annual TESOL conference in San Antonio, 2005

I taught ESL for 20 years between 1976 to 1995
I worked full time in ESL software design and as a CALL coordinator for the following 8 years.
At present I am a lecturer of computing at the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
I founded Webheads in 1997 and have been the group's coordinator and chief cat herder ever since, http://webheads.info
I have an extensive publication and presentation record, accessible at http://www.vancestevens.com/papers
This is the 4th time I've facilitated this multiliteracies course.
I blog at http://adVancEducation.blogspot.com

Direct link to PageFlakes portal http://www.pageflakes.com/vancestevens/13491441

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