Meet Gwen Cary

When I took this course last year my aim was to tame the internet for my students and myself. Somewhat like the picture above, the internet thunders down information, obstacles and possibilities on us and our students. I teach English as a Foreign Language to business professionals, college students, avid travelers, and people who just don´t want to stop learning. For me, the internet is a source of material as well as a platform. That is why I´m here participating once more in Multiliteracies for Collaborative Learning Environments, pp107. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Note from Vance

Gwen didn't mention her Gwen on the Web:
Gwen is trying to tag her posts so that they show up in this tag search:

"...I´m using the same address as last year. It´s public. I tried the claim your blog trick. I thought maybe that wasn´t doing it so I tried tagging with the tag generator and then I added it to my technorati favorites.

Tommorrow i may get back to it. If you have a vision in your sleep on how to make it work, be sure to post it for us all.

;) gwen"

Answer from Gwen

Yupp, you got me Vance. I am one of those that is muddling up the internet with "stuff"


Gwen on the Web is actually a directory to MORE material I´ve put online directed towards my students and causes. I hope it is a positive addition to the mass.

Humm, Multiliteracy...
forementioned, is the blog I am using for pp107.